He works for the Rodelia Royal family and is Princess Septième Rodelia's butler as well as teacher. He appears in Episode 13.

During Septième's visit to the Imperial City, he accompanies her but when they arrive she gives him the slip to find a hot dog stand. With the help of the Pumpkin Scissors team, he finds the princess who has been with Martis. Then they head to the Imperial Army Headquarters. He is later shocked when the princess kisses Martis and wants him to be her attendant whenever she visits the Imperial City.

On the train back to Rodelia, Septième’s butler expresses that he feels the princess has become soft and wonders if she’s able to take advantage of weakness now. In response, Septième reveals her views on a sincere exchange between people worth more value. When Septième finally asks if using people’s compassion is being soft, he expresses that there’s nothing more that he can teach her.