Name Dalton
Gender Male
Age apparently 30+
Status Deceased
Faction Civilian
Occupation Reporter
Location Central
Debut Episode 11
Last Appears {{{last}}}
Japanese Voice Isshin Chiba (千葉 一伸)
English Voice Lowell Bartholomee
Dalton is a reporter of Die Welt who debuts in Episode 11. Dalton is later assassinated and killed in Episode 12.


He appears to make a story for Die Welt on State Section III. Later, he pays a visit to Professor Kortu. Looking at the Door Knocker gun on Kortu’s wall, Dalton reveals that he saw one of the weapon being carried by Oland. He is interested in the point-blank range project that was abandoned by the military and also in the Door Knocker itself, though Colt wants to know about Oland from him in exchange. So, Dalton tells the Pumpkin Scissors that he wants to do one-by-one spotlights on each of the members and uses Oland as an example. However, the plan is cut off due to Alice's kidnapping.
At the same day, Professor Kortu is murdered and his apartment blown-up.
Dalton returns the next day to the Pumpkin Scissors office and finds them still looking for Alice. Dalton asks them instead if they’ve heard about Kortu’s death and mentions that he saw Kortu on that day, though he had an unpleasant feeling. Although reluctant at first, Hunks decides to let him in since Dalton knows about the Door Knocker. The reporter feels that the public has a right to know about what the country is doing, including something like an infantryman destroying a tank. Hunks warns, however, that the unpleasant feeling might then fall on Dalton himself. As the two men are talking, Alice suddenly walks in unharmed. After Dalton realizes he is not welcome to hear her story, he leaves.
Dalton makes contact with Alice’s kidnappers. He’s willing to pay them a lot for the manuscript about the Invisible Nine, but Cecil is reluctant, as she fears that the newspaper is connected to the army. Unfortunately, one of her accomplices sells the manuscript. Dalton brings it to his editor and claims that there is living proof of the Invisible Nine to convince the editor. After Dalton leaves, the editor has his assistant contact someone at maximum priority.
That night, at a bar, Alice and Oland learn from Cecil that Dalton has used money to get the manuscript. By chance, Dalton shows up at the bar, and they demand the manuscript back. Alice tries to make him understand that it will cause more harm than good. She claims that they’re not prepared yet, but Dalton feels that they are because of Oland can prove the Invisible 9 exists. However, before he can finish his sentence, Dalton gets shot in the back.