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A synopsis of Episode 1, titled "The Invisible 9" ("Fukashi no 9ban" 不可視の9番).


The long war against the Republic of Frost scarred many places of the Empire; famine, plague, returned soldiers who become bandits... Worrying about these "war damages" resulting from the devastation of the nation and people's minds, the Imperial Army organizes the 3rd section of Information Bureau known as "Pumpkin Scissors", and they assigned the section for the duty of recovery from the war damage.
Three years have passed since the truce, the so called "Thin Ice Treaty". The 3rd section hasn't accomplished their task, yet. Rather, they are absorbed in paper works, and without notice, people ridicule that it is an "Excuse Section" that suppress people's complaint. However, they strive to achieve their tasks.
The Pumpkin Scissors unit gets unexpected help to deal with a dangerous renegade squad. One day, a man offers a help to them. It was a big guy who used to be a soldier. Dangling an iron lantern from his waist, he handles a heavy gun one-handed.

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