Name Hannah
Gender Female
Age Early 20's
Height 5', 5"
Status Active
Faction None
Occupation Prostitute
Location The brothel "Windmühle" in Central
Debut Episode 9
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Japanese Voice Ai Uchikawa (内川 藍維)
English Voice Alice Fulks

Hannah is a young prostitute working in a brothel called "Windmühle" (german for windmill) in the Capital. She appeared in Episode 9 "The Woman in the Morning Mist".

History Edit

Hannah was orphaned during the war as a teenager, so she decided become a prostitute in one of the capitol's most elegant brothels, where she had met a young soldier Frank, who was brought there by his fellow soldiers just before going out to the front. However, the two just sat together, but Hannah was quite taken-in by this young soldier, who promised to return to her as soon as he got back. Sadly, though, Frank was killed in one of the most climatic battles in the war, the Battle of Neue Gorlitz, which the capitol was saved from attack by the Republic of Frost, but since Frank had no family to come home to, no word was sent that he had died.

Since then, Hannah has patiently waited for Frank to return, at times sadly contemplating her situation on a bridge, where Oreldo had spied her, and worked to help her deal with Frank's death.

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