Major Ranke
Major ranke
Name Ranke
Gender Male
Age 45+
Status Unknown
Faction Elite Unit -
Imperial Army State Section I
Occupation arrested-army officer
Insignia Major
Location Central Prison
Debut Episode 10
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Japanese Voice Toru Ohkawa (大川 透)
English Voice Charles Campbell


Major Ranke was the commanding officer of the Elite Unit within Imperial Army State Section I. He had disputes with Martis regarding war-relief supplies, which, along with his adjutant Rudolf, were skimming monies from war relief fund for his own benefit. Hoping to avoid detection, he had Martis placed in the reserves.
Martis - with a little 'help' from his childhood friend Oreldo, later joined Section III and investigated his former commanding officer and found evidence of corruption against Major Ranke. After Alice Malvin had joined Section III, she took the initiative to arrest Major Ranke and Rudolf. He was charged with corruption and was arrested by Section III - but not before Rudolf tried to kill Alice by shooting her. Martis took the shot and was only grazed.  Ranke, along with Rudolf, were later arrested and court martialed.