Nurse Rosetta
Name Rosetta
Gender Female
Status Active
Faction Staff nurse
Occupation Nurse
Location Central
Debut Episode 5
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Japanese Voice Kazusa Murai (村井 かずさ)
English Voice Amanda Hanawa (Episode 5)
Laurie Gallardo (Episode 13)

Nurse Rosetta is a staff nurse who works at a hospital at Central - and the one person that Oland fears the most! Ever diligent in her duties, the one thing that has stymied Rosetta the most is trying to find a urinal of significant size to obtain a sample of urine from the large man. The main problem is - no matter what she finds, it is often too small and it breaks when she tries to force the issue whenever Oland's injuries often land him in the hospital!

Nurse Rosetta was first introduced in the fifth episode, when Oland's extracurricular activities (feeding his stray cats after the events of Episode 4) had gotten his wounds infected, and he had a roommate, Mr. Wantz, placed with him to keep an eye on him. She, along with Oland, were instrumental in saving Wantz from committing suicide after he was laid off from his job because he was in the hospital.