Professor Kortu
Professor colt
Name Professor Kortu
Gender Male
Age 55+
Status Dead
Faction Society of the Silver Wheel
Occupation Retired Researcher
Location Central
Debut Episode 4
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Japanese Voice Hideyuki Umezu (梅津 秀行)
English Voice Paul Hope
Professor Kortu was a war plant researcher. He was considered to be the father of the Wolkins tank. He also had an inoperative model of a Door Knocker with him. He was suspected to be in liaison with the Society of the Silver Wheel, who wanted the tank's details obliterated.


Alice and the team went to Professor Kortu to find out information about Wolkins' tank. He denied having seen such design back when he was in the war plant. He also told Martis details about the history of the Door Knocker when he stayed back. He was later killed sometime after talking to Dr. Kauplan about having discovered that Oland had an operational model of the Door Knocker.