Name Schultz
Gender Male
Status Alive
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Debut Episode 7
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Japanese Voice Norihisa Mori (森 訓久)
English Voice Leraldo Anzaldua

Schultz is a recurring anime-only character, debuting in Episode 7.

He is a nobleman who is assigned to escort Alice to a party. He genuinely shows interest in her. Schultz compliments her looks and suggests that they go for a stroll beforehand. Alice isn't too enthusiastic, but her sisters Solice and Elis send her on her way in Schultz's carriage. He is shown talking with her about their future together. Alice gets the message Mercury was carrying and takes Schultz's carriage to the mission spot where State Section III is present. Schultz gets to her on foot, having run the entire way. The guys from Section III assume that Schultz is her fiancé, but then Lionel arrives to clear the misunderstanding.

Another day, in Episode 11, Schultz is at Alice's door with flowers in hand, offering to take her to work. Alice insists on taking her normal route of walking and is ambushed by a woman, who was later identified as Cecil, she saw before. Alice leaves with her telling Schultz that’s it is for work. Schultz suspects something and bursts into the Section III office to check. He asks about Alice. Seeing that she hasn't arrived, he reveals his suspicion that Alice has been kidnapped.

He is also seen in the great ball in Episode 19 given by nobles. He once again tries to get Alice, who ignores him as usual. He is the only person who notices that she didn't smile heartily while with Lionel. After Alice saves the chef and lets out a smile, he tells her that he finally understands what happiness she gets from serving in Section III. Then Schultz decides not to bother her again for some time.